The Cabin, Packet Quays

For bookings and enquiries , contact Hilary Martin by email at or on 01209 860268


Please note the following terms of Packet Quays Management Ltd.

(a) That nothing shall be done or suffered on the Property, and no occupant of the Property shall do or suffer anything to be done on the Estate, which shall be or is likely to be or become an annoyance to the owner or occupier of any property on the Estate; and, without prejudice to the generality thereof;

(b) That no occupant of the Property shall make any unreasonable noise (whether by shouting, the playing of music or otherwise) in the Property ; or on the Estate, at any time; between the hours of 10pm and 8am, there shall be no noise made within the Property which is audible from the outside or in any adjoining or neighbouring property;

(c) That parking is only permitted in the designated parking and/or garaging facilities for the Property and that there is to be no parking on the Estate in un-designated places other than short term parking in the allocated visitor parking area where the appropriate asking permit MUST be displayed;

(d) That vehicle/s larger than the designated garage or parking space/s are to allowed, and must not be parked, on the Estate;

(e) That trailers and boats are NOT to be parked in the designated garage or parking space/s or elsewhere on the Estate;

(f) That first arrival and final departure of the Occupant should, wherever possible, take place between the hours of 8am and 9pm so as to cause as little annoyance and disturbance as possible, except in exceptional circumstances; and,

(g) That all local Packet Quays rules and regulations (notes for guidance) that may apply at the time are to be observed.